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Being drawn to art from an early age led me to earn a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii.  I especially enjoy fiber art and mixed media, so many of my pieces incorporate both traditional and modern fiber techniques. When designing and crafting these pieces I am instantly relaxed so creating jewelry is actually quite therapeutic for me!

Until recently, my pieces were either gifted to friends or displayed at an annual poolside craft fair hosted by my uncles and their fellow artists.  My husband encouraged me to open this online shop in early 2016 to help support my need (obsession?) to create.

I live with my family in beautiful Kailua, Hawaii, where views of lush mountains and pristine beaches are a constant source of comfort and inspiration.

A word about our logo -- Ammonite is a healing fossil thought to promote good health, resiliency, and success by transforming negative energy into positive, nurturing energy. Its spiral shape symbolizes growth, continual change, and adaptation.  How could I not choose Ammonite to embody my aspirations!

We'd love to hear from you.  Contact us anytime!